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Fight for Survival, the Evolution Game

The Summit Session at European Utility Week 2017

A very exciting Title for this most challenging Industry especially for the energy retail business.

This wide-raging Transformation is challenging well established Companies, the Incumbents and on the other hand motivating the Disruptives to enter the Industry.

We witness great level of Innovativeness when it comes to Customer Engagement, when it comes to new business Models al around Europe as well as on other Continents.

There is more or less supportive legal Framework present and there are unlimited technical Solutions available.

Technology is ready, Customer Engagement is the Priority.

The Question is, how to add value for the Customer and how to add Value for the Business at the End.

Pure Commodity selling is out, ‘wait and see’ is not an Option at all.

It’s about energy efficiency, flexibility, it’s about additional value and it’s about building Trust.