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Delivering ROI from energy efficiency projects

This ​deeper-dive​ session​ at Engerati - The Smart Energy Network Meets in Vienna will delve into recent business-case results​ from Resalta\'s ​​EPC projects ​and examine how clients can maximise cost-savings. Commercial and industrial energy users are beginning to capitalize on the cost-saving potential of energy performance contracts. Three interesting cases will be presented i... Read more »

Summit 100 Energy Agenda

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, with national sides making their final preparations ahead of this summer\'s tournament. We now know the groups after December\'s draw. England have been put together with Belgium, Tunisia and Panama in Group G. Gareth Southgate\'s side were not among the top seeds, meaning they featured in pot two during the proceedings. And with England\'s route now ma... Read more »

Fight for Survival, the Evolution Game

The Summit Session at European Utility Week 2017 A very exciting Title for this most challenging Industry especially for the energy retail business. This wide-raging Transformation is challenging well established Companies, the Incumbents and on the other hand motivating the Disruptives to enter the Industry. We witness great level of Innovativeness when it comes to Customer Engagement, w... Read more »

Energy Branding Conference Interview

Interview on disruptive trends, comparison with telecom sector and on new playground for branding and marketing, the electricity retail business is offering (link) Read more »

Building Brand through Experience and Relationship

New players are entering the electricity business and key elements are going to be who will succeed in engaging customers, who will build trust and who will develop profitable additional services in addition to electricity sales. With new services and smart(er) offerings the old Commodity-only Supply Paradigm is slowly being broken which is thus opening a whole new playground and room for innov... Read more »

Energy transition is bringing consumer in center of energy supply chain

The whole energy transition is finaly bringing consumer in the center of energy supply chain, incentivised by new techonolgies, value of flexibility and distributed generation. The session on ‘Empowered Consumers’ will focus on the new role of the consumers as well as the new business models that are being developed and that all aim to find the right strategy in customer engagement. http... Read more »

Energy Efficiency deployment in SE Europe

During this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels for the first time the energy efficiency deployment process will be discussed from the SE European perspective. The SEE region is overly dependent on carbon-intensive coal and emits nearly 30 percent more CO2 to supply one unit of energy, relative to the EU27 average and remains highly dependent on imports of crude oil, petroleum pro... Read more »

Experience and Relationship as a Branding Prerequisite

Branding is a Consequence of Experience and Relationship while Advertising cannot influence the Suppliers\' Relation with Customers. As different industries have different perceptions, the energy industry for sure needs proof based Branding. There is so much happening in the industry right now, with all kind of innovative customer engagement programmes, using available technology, making value fr... Read more »